Unfortunately, our memories fade. This is not just a human dilemma but one that has plagued technology in the past. If you have a VHS player than you might notice your old VHS tapes quality is fading.

We recommend converting your precious memories from VHS to DVD.


Pricing Structure

Standard VHS up to 1.5hr = $35 (normally $45) (extra copies $35) (no label or case – DVD has a blank printable label so you can label it)

Standard VHS up to 3hrs = $60 (normally $80) (goes onto 2 DVDs) (extra copies $60) (no label or case – DVD has a blank printable label so you can label it)

VHS to USB = You have to get the VHS to DVD convert before purchasing this option. $35 up to 1.5hrs  $60 up to 3hrs  (USB to be provided by client  8gb USB available for $15  16gb for $20)

DVD Label
Name Only = $4
Photo/Image Plus Name = $10

DVD Cover/Case
Standard Empty Case = $4
Design with Photo/Picture and Text on Front and/or Back = $15
Leather Look Plastic Slip = $7 (half size of standard case)


PLEASE NOTE:  Due to the process of converting Analogue to Digital the image & sound can be degraded.  Due to several sound formats, cameras & recorders used to produce the VHS you can experience a phenomena where as the sound can create a knocking (helicopter) sound once recorded. This sound is often not present or very faint in the original media. The only way to fix this properly would be to match your recorded camera with the machine digitising the VHS which is often extremely difficult. Please ask us for more information on this.

One VHS tape conversion to DVD is currently on special for $35 (standard $44)

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