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Josh & Sally

I filmed this wedding last month and have been using it as my in house demo with great responses.

Yes Sally & Josh!  That’s right, you are the new Pete & Jess. There was a ongoing joke on the wedding day that Sally & Josh wanted to knock Pete & Jess of the podium ( Pete & Jess have been on most of our advertising & samples for the past year). It seams that they have been successful. But for how long?

The day was magical and the lighting on the beach was incredible, take a look.

Tay & Ads

I found out that there was definitely more then just a mutual passion for cars when I filmed Adam & Tea’s wedding. The passion that they had for each other was evident. I know it has been said before but single they are great people but together they complement each other so well. I believe that the traits that we are often missing are found in our partners. I know this is true for me & my wife.

Mark & Renee

In the tradition of uploading 1 video per week:

This weeks video is Renee & Mark. I went to school with Renee and I also went to church with Mark when I was in primary school. Many of you will know this couple. Small world.

It was such a pleasure to be a part of such an amazing wedding. Having already a connection to the both of them made the shoot that much more intimate & natural. Thanks to the bride, groom & bridal party for an incredible day

Troy & Johanna

Today I tried my first same day edit. For those who are unfamiliar, it is a Trailer of the wedding presented at the reception. It takes a great deal of concentration & also some stress to produce a finished product in such a small amount of time.

Thank you to the beautiful bride and the strapping groom for a wonderful & relaxed day.